María Monterrubio is a leading innovation & marketing strategist in the skincare, health, and lifestyle arenas.

She holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a profound knowledge of skin biology, biochemistry, and biotechnology. Besides deep expertise in the research and development of new products for skin health.

She also has an outstanding talent for innovation, design, and communication and a phenomenal curiosity and extroverted nature.

That has allowed her to build a unique, multifaceted profile that encompasses her strong scientific background, innovation quality, and commercial instincts.

María is at ease translating scientific discoveries into ground-breaking solutions and conceiving avant-garde yet simple designs and storytelling so that people can relate.

Her talent, vision, and perseverance have made her a sought-after scientist, innovator, businesswoman, and author.

Career Beginnings: Research & Development

Her interest in genetics, immunology, skin biology, and longevity and her passion for constant learning led her to a scientific career beginning.

As a Research & Development scientist, she first discovered specific joint and separate functions of the cellular receptors CXCR4 and CCR7 in melanoma invasion and concrete immunological processes.

Afterwards, she conducted projects on non-melanoma skin cancer and skin immunology. That led her to discover some of the molecular bases of the anti-aging and cancer-suppressive role in the skin of the epidermal Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor (FGFR2b).

During this phase, María also became an author when she published her work in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Innovation: Skincare & Wellness Industry Breakthrough

For María, cutting-edge scientific discoveries become meaningful when used to improve human lives through applied innovation and the expansion of people’s consciousness and education.

This realization fostered her business breakthrough in the Skincare and Wellness Industry.

Since then, she has held the roles of Innovation Manager, Scientific Advisor, and Innovation & Marketing Strategist and Advisor. While holding these roles, she has worked across new product development, innovation & marketing strategy, and research & patent production.

Besides, she has done comprehensive work identifying, evaluating, and helping to develop new entrepreneurial opportunities.

After years of such roles, she has also acquired extensive knowledge of cosmetic chemistry, the global skincare industry operations, the molecular bases of good nutrition and longevity, and the development of science-based nutritional supplements.

Content Creation, Business & Entrepreneurship

In the last few years, María explored additional lifestyle arenas (such as the bio-textile and fashion industries) where she could apply her valuable expertise.

She has also undertaken new studies that have allowed her to expand her business and entrepreneurial abilities and digital marketing skills.

Her passion for ground-breaking content creation and spreading her knowledge propelled María to blog on her website.

She aims to set her dot com as a place to spark enriching conversation around health & longevity, beauty, innovation, and the best and latest skincare & wellness products. At the same time, she shares her expertise in the molecular roots of skin & wellbeing traits and concerns.

María previously lived and worked in London (UK) and Barcelona (Spain). She currently lives in Madrid (Spain).

She works as a Science, Innovation & Strategy Coach, helping skincare and wellness-related businesses with their marketing, innovation, and new product conception and development needs.

Additionally, she’s building new business ventures while growing her expertise as a content creator.

Lastly, due to her experience and passion for dance, fitness, and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle María has recently become a Licensed Zumba® Instructor.