Welcome to Engineering Skin Wellbeing! First, get to know the why behind my blog and new website. And learn what you will see more often in the blog, whether it is for you, and more!


Last updated: April 20, 2022

Hi everyone! I am so excited to welcome you guys to my blog (and new website!). I’ve been dreaming of doing something like this for a long time, yet it took me a while to figure out how I wanted to share my mind with the world. So that’s what I’ll write about in this first post: what’s my purpose and the topics I’ll cover on my little corner of the web.

Get to know me

Before that, I’d like to introduce myself briefly. I am passionate about design and innovation. An enthusiast of skincare and a healthy lifestyle, too. I am also a Doctor in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and have years of professional experience in the R&D and Innovation spheres – mainly in the skin biology and skincare fields –. I’ve always been curious about starting a business, such as creating a skincare brand, so I’m taking the first steps towards that!

Additionally, I love journalism and audiovisual communication, so here I am, writing my first blog post! So I guess you could say I’m a scientist, innovator, author, and budding entrepreneur. But please head to My Story and Biography here on my website for all the details about me. 😉

The why behind this blog and new website

The themes in this site revolve around achieving your best health; skin biology & skincare; and innovation.

That’s why I chose Engineering Skin Wellbeing as its title or slogan because the verb engineer refers to the creative and constructive activity carried out by a creator, scientist, or engineer. It also includes words that describe the main topics of the blog: skin and wellbeing. And I like how it sounds!

Creative Solutions. This is a blog about skincare, health, innovation, and getting to the roots of things.
Creative solutions. This is a blog about skincare, health, innovation, and getting to the roots of things.

Now let’s get to the point. Are you struggling with reaching your best skin & wellbeing? I mean, do you experience difficulties when it comes to taking care of your skin, mind, and body, and feeling confident in them?

Would you like to know how your skin and skincare products work and be able to make better lifestyle choices? Or you may be interested in innovative approaches and a super-enhanced experience when it comes to your skin & wellbeing.

If you can relate to any of those matters, you’re not alone. I’ve been there too.

I’ve been dealing with skin issues of my own for a long time: oily skin, seborrheic dermatitis, severe and recurrent acne, melasma, acne rosacea, vascular rosacea (couperose), ocular rosacea, cutaneous sensitivities/allergies, and even non-cutaneous health issues (physical and psychological) linked to the particular features of my skin (such as stomach irritability linked to rosacea).

I also know how tedious it can be to find satisfactory products (sometimes they don’t exist!), especially when we don’t have accurate knowledge to choose well. Sounds somehow familiar?

A bright side to it

That made me take care of my skin (and body) from a very young age. It fostered my curiosity about it, so much that I became a Ph.D. It made me dig deeper, so I became skilled at designing products to address unmet skincare needs.

Let’s see the downside of it 

While working in the lab and discovering the molecular basis behind skin issues – such as skin immunity, melanoma progression, or non-beneficial cell responses to growth factors – I became even more aware of the importance of adopting gentle yet effective skincare (and healthcare) products and habits.

Gentle & Effective. While discovering the molecular basis behind skin issues I became more aware of the importance of gentle yet effective skincare and healthcare habits.
While discovering the molecular basis behind skin issues, I became more aware of the importance of gentle yet effective skincare habits.

Afterward, while working inside the skincare & wellness industry, the truth hit me hard. I mean, I knew there was some hype around and that not all skincare products (or nutritional supplements) bore the same quality. Yet, the abundance of misleading messages and the absolute need for more transparent operations, systems, and products struck me.

I became a disappointed insider. And a more dissatisfied consumer since I learned about some of the real reasons behind some of my sensitivities. Not to mention the amount of time, money, and waste I could have saved in some instances.

Yet, there is always more brightness than darkness, and awareness can change everything

The upside of it all is that now I know better. My skin & wellbeing are not perfect, and issues will continue to come now and then. But, from this higher awareness, I can work with it and not fight against it, both as an industry insider and as an outsider (consumer and human).

And I can share my learnings with you! Well, I may not have all the answers. However, since getting to the roots of things is the first step to making them work, I know I might save you some of the struggles. And I may provide you with useful tools or spark the motivation you need. So I’ll reveal truths and share the lessons anyone can learn from my experience and what I do. 

DNA gets fixed. My problem-solving philosophy involves getting to the roots of things first. Following this approach, in the image, a genetic engineer reaches a "DNA branch" to fix it.
Getting to the roots of things first. Following this approach, in the image, a genetic engineer reaches a “DNA branch” to fix it.

“Getting to the roots of things is the first step to making them work”

Myths & Facts. Through my posts, I will dispel myths and reveal truths.
Through my posts, I will dispel myths and reveal truths.

What will you see more in this blog?

My mission is to increase awareness of adequate healthcare approaches, foster your confidence, and help you become the best version of yourself through science, creativity, and practical tools. All while making the process accurate and fun. And the outcome truly valuable!

With that purpose as my core anchor, I will regularly publish posts in three different categories, to begin with:


On this spot, I break down the why behind all kinds of skin features and issues (be it oily, dry, sensitive, fair, dark, whatever!) from a molecular perspective and in an appealing manner.

That sets the stage to move forward and address mindful skincare and a healthier lifestyle through actionable tips and guidelines.


In this category, I share in-depth knowledge about how molecules and skin delivery systems work. It’s my purpose to stimulate enriching conversation about why they can benefit, harm, or do nothing at all for your skin and wellbeing.

Moreover, I will even push things further and dissect how to improve specific products and formulations and achieve limitless formulas.


Here we’ll experience a good chunk of the fun! In this category, I set out to tackle fresh perspectives and insights on the latest trends and discoveries, including my vision on how to apply specific scientific discoveries to solve every day matters for all.

Is this for you?

If you want to learn as well as feel and look good, this is for you! If you acknowledge that our skin plays a paramount role in protecting us while hinting at internal issues, this is for you too.

“If you want to learn as well as feel and look good, Engineering Skin Wellbeing is for you”.

You might be a skincare enthusiast open to fresh perspectives, someone who looks for harmless yet effective skincare (and healthcare) approaches, a complete beginner who would like to embark upon the skincare journey through expert insights, a curious human being, or someone else entirely.

Here we will throw clarity about:

 – your biology;

 – skincare ingredients, formulas, actions, and benefits;

 – better lifestyle choices and outcomes;

 – even biotechnology;

 – and more.

I encourage you to explore the novel insights in this space as well as to share your viewpoints with us.

I’m looking forward to seeing my posts motivate you to learn and hopefully make the best lifestyle choices for you and those around you. And hence feel and look great! 😉

So please go and check out my posts! 🙂 Just click below!

How can you contribute to becoming the best version of yourself through this blog?

My knowledge & experience, relevant trends, products, news, discoveries, and last but not least, your queries and wishes will inform content creation on this website.

Thus, please write down what you are curious about in the comments area below each post. Then I will be able to prepare the best answers for you in my blogs. You can also message me on Instagram (@drmariamonterrubio).

I’ve got the feeling that this blogging journey might involve some trial and error anyway, so please feel free to communicate with me and share your advice along the way!

I feel we are ready to go. Now please help me share the word! Don’t forget to:

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I’m so thrilled to have you here. I hope to see you soon, over my next posts!

P.S. This site and blog do not intend to be a substitute for medical consultation. Please consult with a Medical Doctor for any health-related diagnosis and treatment options.



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